Foundfront-page-enation for Elderly Care Cluj (FEC) started its work in services for older people in Romania in March 1998, with the opening of Day Care Center for Elderly, the first of its kind established in the city of Cluj-Napoca and among the first in the country. The Day Care Centre for elderly’s activities are conducted in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, addressing the psychological and social needs of members, facing loneliness, feelings of worthlessness and prevent social isolation.

Social services and medical care at home, a project started in 1999, are provided to beneficiaries of all ages in Cluj-Napoca, addicted to home. Early discharge from the hospital, avoiding hospitalization and readmission can be achieved by using home care. Satisfaction with services received from the FEC’s team of professionals is one of the most important indicators in evaluating quality of our services.

Mission of FEC
Increasing the quality of life of the elderly by promoting alternative and effective service models, social and health in the community - day care centers, care and assistance, temporary shelter, social and medical care at home, recover and rehabilitation centers.